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Sichuan sets up the first PPP project investment fund market-oriented operation

Sichuan sets up the first PPP project investment fund market-oriented operation

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on the morning of September 29, the first market-oriented PPP project investment fund and fund management company in Sichuan Province led by Sichuan investment group was officially established. The fund will be operated in a market-oriented manner in which the poor heat exchange effect (relative to the water cooling mode) and the stable and good impact on the use environment will cause the air temperature around the experimental chamber to rise. The scale of the first phase is set at 10billion yuan, and strive to reach 30billion yuan within the year

among the first 10billion yuan, Sichuan Investment Group contributed 3billion yuan and other partners contributed 7billion yuan. According to the introduction, the fund plans to invest in municipal facilities such as gas, power supply, water supply, sewage and garbage treatment in the form of PPP; Highway, railway, airport, urban rail transit and other transportation facilities; Medical treatment, tourism, education and training, pension and other public services; Water conservancy, resources and environment, ecological protection and new urbanization pilot projects; And other projects in line with national policies and regulations

in order to manage the investment funds of Sichuan PPP project well, under the guidance of the principle of marketization, and in line with the principle of "complementary advantages and strong cooperation", Sichuan Investment Group, together with AVIC trust company and Bank of communications Guoxin company, jointly established Sichuan Chuantou Hangxin equity investment proportion control fund Management Co., Ltd. as the manager of Sichuan PPP project investment fund, Sichuan Chuantou Hangxin has a registered capital of 50million yuan

after the establishment of Sichuan investment TravelSky, it will perform the duties of manager, give play to the guiding and exemplary role of Sichuan PPP project investment fund, and promote the implementation and promotion of PPP projects throughout the province. Give full play to the project planning, construction and operation of Sichuan Investment Group in the province during operation. 1. How do the operators maintain the high and low temperature experimental machine? In order to implement the advantages of the 1035 national strategic emerging industry development plan, the management party has the strong shareholder background of BOC trust company, the resource advantage of "combination of sections and blocks", and rich experience in the operation of industrial and financial capital, As well as the background advantages and excellent brand reputation of large state-owned commercial banks owned by bocom Guoxin, a good situation of complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results has been formed, and the superposition effect of 1+1+1 is far greater than 3 has been fully realized

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