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Leshan, Sichuan: Yongxiang thousand ton polysilicon production base officially put into production

Leshan, Sichuan: Yongxiang thousand ton polysilicon production base officially put into production

September 27, 2008

[China paint 2016 information] on the morning of September 19, and reached the international advanced level, The completion and commissioning of the first phase of the 1000 ton project of Yongxiang polysilicon production base jointly built by Tongwei group and superstar group and the foundation laying ceremony of the second phase of the 3000 ton project were grandly held in WUTONGQIAO district. This is another one thousand ton polysilicon project put into operation after Xinguang silicon industry in Leshan, marking the development of Leshan's "100 billion silicon material" industry to a new level

Chen Changzhi, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and chairman of the Central Committee of the China Democratic National Construction Association, and Li Chongxi, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, sent congratulatory messages to congratulate the completion and operation of the project. Li Chengyun, vice governor, Cai Jing, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government, Jiao Weixia, director of the provincial Economic Commission, Jiang Xiaoting, Secretary of the municipal Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Jiang Fuyi, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, Luo Jian'an, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, Wang wankun, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Secretary of the WUTONGQIAO district Party committee, Tong Guangming, deputy mayor, and Liu Hanyuan, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC and chairman of the board of Tongwei group, and other leaders came to congratulate and cut the ribbon for the completion and production

on behalf of the provincial people's government, Li Chengyun extended warm congratulations to Yongxiang polysilicon on the completion and operation of the 1000 ton/year project as soon as it was found that the reversal should be stopped immediately! He said that polysilicon is the most important strategic resource product of the solar photovoltaic industry, and it is also one of the important pillar industries for our province to build a highland of western economic development. Since last year, polycrystalline silicon projects have been launched nationwide, and the market competition is very fierce. The completion and commissioning of Yongxiang 1000 ton polycrystalline silicon project and the foundation laying of 3000 ton polycrystalline silicon project are the best time to adapt to market competition at this time. After the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, Leshan took the lead in putting forward the loud slogan of "accelerating development and striving to make more contributions to the post disaster recovery and reconstruction of the province". The completion and operation of Yongxiang 1000 ton polysilicon project is the greatest support for post disaster reconstruction. It is hoped that Leshan Party committees and governments at all levels will continue to support the development of Yongxiang company, further speed up engineering construction, and make the 3000 ton polysilicon project complete and put into operation as soon as possible, Make greater contributions to the construction of Leshan polysilicon industrial base

Jiang Xiaoting pointed out in his speech that at present, the competition in polysilicon industry across the country has reached a white hot level. Time is benefit, and speed is advantage. Only by accelerating development can we seize the opportunity, consolidate and expand our advantages. He hopes that Yongxiang company will seize the opportunity, speed up development, ensure the production of 1000 tons of polysilicon as soon as possible, speed up the construction of 3000 tons of polysilicon projects, and do a good job at the same time. Third, this paper analyzes and compares the preliminary work of various phases of 3000 polysilicon projects to form a strong support for leapfrog development. Jiang Xiaoting said that the municipal Party committee and government will fully support the construction of Yongxiang polysilicon project and create a good environment for enterprises to become bigger and stronger

After the completion and commissioning ceremony, provincial and municipal leaders and guests visited the phase I polysilicon production plant and came to the construction site of the phase II 3000 ton polysilicon project to lay the foundation for the project

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