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Sichuan has taken advantage of environmental protection inspectors to gnaw down a batch of "hard bones"

Sichuan has taken advantage of environmental protection inspectors to gnaw down a batch of "hard bones in China's universal tensile testing machine market, whether it is developing at home or abroad"

December 22, 2017

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"environmental protection inspectors have solved our old problems, the village is beautiful, and the heart is happy." When walking through an open space in group 2 of the village, Yu Yinglin, a villager from Tuqiao village, Xiangyi Town, Weiyuan County, Neijiang City, couldn't help sighing. Before August this year, there was an open-air landfill covering an area of 4.5 mu. In the past 14 years, the garbage from surrounding towns and cities has been transported here under this background, and 30000 cubic meters of garbage mountains have accumulated all year round. Although the site was closed five years ago and dumping of garbage is prohibited, the garbage mountains are still there, which is difficult to deal with. The provincial environmental protection inspectors shall immediately promote the rectification of problems after finding them

by solving the "old difficulties" and gnawing at the "hard bone", I can start from a production line. Taking the opportunity of the central environmental protection inspector, the province takes the lead in realizing the full coverage of the provincial environmental protection inspector, and adopts the methods of meeting deployment, Listing Supervision, open and secret visits, special supervision, making and issuing penalties, administrative interviews, strengthening assessment, transfer and accountability to vigorously promote the rectification of environmental problems. On December 21, the data released by the provincial environmental protection department showed that as of September 23, 8966 people's letters, calls and complaints assigned by the central environmental protection supervision group had been completed; As of December 15, 7939 of the 8924 problems found by the provincial environmental protection inspectors have been rectified during the official activity period from March 18 to March 28, with a rectification completion rate of 89%

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