Basic measures to prevent electrostatic hazards in

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Basic measures to prevent electrostatic hazards in gas stations

there are two basic measures to prevent electrostatic hazards. The first is to prevent and control the generation of static electricity. The second is to neutralize or guide away static electricity after it is generated, so as to limit its accumulation. The following specific measures are usually taken in the oil storage and transportation system:

(1) prevent human body from generating static electricity

most oil storage and transportation systems are explosive and explosive operation areas, so it is strictly prohibited to wear clothes, scarves and gloves made of chemical fiber materials to operate in the dangerous area, and it is forbidden to take off clothes in the dangerous area. It is forbidden to use the requirements for this equipment in the later stage, and it will continue to improve the chemical fiber cloth to wipe the pump or oil tank container of the test machine. All personnel who board the oil tank and engage in fuel oil filling operations are not allowed to wear chemical fiber clothing (except for the identified electrostatic work clothes). Before entering the tank, the personnel on the tank should hold the unpainted oil tank ladder for a moment to guide the static electricity of human body.

(2) adding anti-static additives to petroleum products

adding anti-static additives to petroleum products can increase the conductivity of oil products and enhance moisture absorption, accelerate electrostatic leakage, reduce electrostatic accumulation, and eliminate electrostatic hazards.

(3) do a good job in equipment grounding and eliminate static electricity on the conductor

reliable grounding of equipment is the simplest and most commonly used method to eliminate static electricity hazards in the process of experiment. All oil tanks, pipelines, loading and unloading equipment used for storing and transferring oil products must have good grounding devices, and the static electricity should be introduced into the ground in time. The technical status of the static grounding device should be checked frequently and the grounding resistance should be tested. The grounding resistance of the oil tank in the oil depot shall not be greater than 10 Ω (including static electricity and safety grounding). The grounding electrodes of the vertical oil tank shall be calculated according to the circumference of the oil tank, one group for every 18m, and the grounding electrodes of the horizontal oil tank shall not be less than two groups.

(4) install electrostatic eliminator

electrostatic eliminator is also called electrostatic neutralizer, which is a device to eliminate or reduce the charge of charged bodies.

(5) reduce the generation of static electricity

when loading oil into oil tanks, oil tank cars and railway tank cars, the oil delivery pipe must be inserted below the oil level or close to the bottom of the tank, so as to reduce the impact of oil products and friction with air in the name of building material products.  

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