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Sany was accused of falsely increasing its sales revenue by more than 400million and was dismissed by the Industry Association for fraud

Sany Heavy Industry was accused of falsely increasing its sales revenue by more than 400million

Liaoning, Shanxi and Xinjiang involved in false sales. The false rate of vehicle pump product sales was 100%

since the second half of last year, the suspicion of fraud has been lingering around Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (6000 and the demand in Asia will be slightly higher than that in Europe and the United States, hereinafter referred to as "Sany Heavy industry")

recently, this matter has been further fermented

Sany was accused of falsely increasing sales revenue just after the first quarterly report of 2013 was released, but Sany immediately denied it. However, the suspicion of fraud did not disappear

the times weekly recently learned exclusively that Sany Heavy Industry has suspected false sales. Only its dealer Shenyang Zhongsen construction machinery equipment sales and Leasing Co., Ltd. has false sales of 415million yuan, of which the sales of on-board pump products promote the realization of the utilization and sale of rare earth magnetic materials in the range of high-speed railway permanent magnet Electromechanical, with a false rate of 100%

the suspected fraud of Sany Heavy Industry has long attracted the attention of relevant industry associations, and has even been dismissed by the machinery industry association. In 2012, Sany Heavy Industry had been cleared out the statistical report of Henan Construction Machinery Industry Association by Henan Construction Machinery Industry Association because "the data reported every month has aroused doubts from many excavator brands and is seriously inconsistent with the national industry report data"

under the shadow of suspected fraud, it has caused considerable pressure on the share price of Sany Heavy Industry. Since this year, the share price of Sany Heavy Industry has fallen all the way from the highest point of 13.19 yuan on February 4 to 8.9 yuan on May 16, and then rebounded slightly, resulting in the evaporation of more than 32 billion yuan of A-share market value, becoming the most significant stock in the same period. At this time, Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, has been busy fighting with people on Weibo

times weekly asked Shi Yiqing, the company's publicity minister, for confirmation of the fraud in Sany's sales performance, and Shi Yiqing responded: This is purely a rumor

the leased site stores sold equipment

the investigation of the times weekly found that Sany Heavy Industry had suspected false sales. When it signed a sales contract with Liaoning Shenyang Zhongsen construction machinery equipment sales and Leasing Co., Ltd., it had suspected false sales of 415 million yuan

on March 23, 2012, Sany Heavy Industry signed a sales contract with Liaoning Shenyang Zhongsen engineering machinery equipment sales and Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenyang Zhongsen") to learn how to choose and judge a good tensile testing machine. One of the contracts is a pump truck contract numbered BS, including 99 pump trucks of 46 meters, 48 meters, 52 meters, 56 meters, etc., with an amount of 3604.5 million yuan; Another contract numbered BS on-board pump and mixer truck, including 14 on-board pumps and 69 mixer trucks, with a total amount of 54.56 million yuan. The total amount of the two contracts is 415 million yuan, the first payment of 125 million yuan is all mortgaged with real estate, and the remaining 290 million yuan is mortgaged for three years. In addition, the "notice on mortgage housing sources" issued by Shenyang Zhongsen to Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is only the household number table of several buildings located in the "Yuhai pearl" community in Yingkou City, Liaoning Province. There is no real estate certificate number, and there is no statement confirmed by the seal. With the escalation of the mediation and elimination of people's economic tension, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and transportation, the real property rights of the housing sources listed in the table are unknown. In these notices of Shenyang Zhongsen, the mortgage property price ranges from 4850 yuan/square meter to 10300 yuan/square meter

the relevant person of Shenyang Zhongsen said: in the product sales contract of more than 400million yuan, Shenyang Zhongsen company can only sell 6 units at most each time. So far, 53 pump trucks and 14 vehicle mounted pumps have not been sold to end users. The 53 pump trucks and 14 on-board pumps are stored in Shenyang Debang stainless steel industry Co., Ltd. (located in zhangyizhan Town, about 30 kilometers away from S102 provincial highway from Shenyang to central Liaoning) leased by Sany Heavy Industry. The property rights of these equipment are still owned by Sany Heavy Industry, which leases the site itself, and sends employees to participate in security

based on the above data, the false sales rate of this customer's pump truck is 53.5%, and the false sales rate of on-board pump is 100%. The regulatory department can confirm it from the rental fee paid by Sany Heavy Industry

the operation mode of Shenyang Zhongsen is: it is responsible for binding and selling Sany equipment to target customers with engineering projects, offsetting the down payment with real estate, charging customers up to 30% of the cash, and obtaining 5%-10% vouchers and cash incentives from Sany, which can offset the payment for goods

fake sales by many sales companies

suspected fake sales do not occur only in Shenyang, but also in Shanxi and Xinjiang

Shanxi Sany Jinxiang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sany Jinxiang") is an agent restructured from Shanxi area of Sany Heavy Industry concrete machinery company, with Sany holding 45%. It is written on the company's profile: from the transfer of dealers to the present, the company has more than 400 employees of various types, and has set up 9 branches, 25 offices, 12 parts warehouses and 4 maintenance centers in Shanxi Province, ranking among the super dealers of Sany Heavy Industry at one fell swoop

"although it encountered two times of national economic macro-control in 2005 and 2008, and experienced the challenge of company restructuring in 2010, under the correct guidance of the company's group leaders and the joint efforts of all the company's employees... 2012 was a downturn year in the national construction machinery industry,... Sany Jinxiang still made good profits..."

Sany Jinxiang was developed by SANY group on the basis of Taiyuan office in 1995. The text displayed on the company's website shows that the sales performance in 2012 is not so easy to write

Guo Zhiwei was originally an employee of Sany Jinxiang. After Sany Shanxi area was restructured into an agent, Guo Zhiwei resigned in November 2012

guozhiwei said, "in order to complete the task, Sany Heavy Industry asked us to sign false order contracts. I hung the sales of 15 Sany pump trucks under my name. The specific operation was handled by Zhang Wei and others of Sany Heavy Industry. I only signed false purchase contracts."

Guo said, "usually report to the headquarters, exempt these strategic fees and others, and support the company to complete the task. The company also knows that this is false. Because there are assessments and maintenance fees, the company will also report to the company during the assessment. The company has assigned tasks, and sometimes signed false contracts with customers in order to support the company to complete the task." It can be seen that the subsidiary invested by Sany Heavy Industry has become a reservoir of false sales

in Xinjiang, times weekly also found similar problems in Sany Heavy Industry

Xinjiang Xinyou Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinjiang Xinyou") is one of the largest pump car rental companies in Urumqi at present, and it is also a key customer of Sany Heavy Industry, with 10 pump cars and 15 mixer cars produced by Sany Heavy Industry

in 2012, Sany Heavy Industry signed a false purchase and sales contract with Xinjiang Xinyou for 12 pump trucks. The payment method is 0 down payment, 5-year installments, and interest free repayment. According to a material obtained by the times weekly, Jia Qingkui, general manager of Xinjiang Xinyou company, once said: "they (Sany Heavy Industry) asked me to charge so much, but the actual delivery only got two pumps, and the others were not implemented."

Jia Qingkui also said, "there are many such cases. As a dealer, it (Sany) is to make (Sales) statements. In 2012, Sany said that it had made 2.5 billion yuan in Xinjiang. In fact, it was only an inventory (distribution), and the products they sent were not sold at all, because the market was excessive." Based on the above data, the false sales rate of Xinjiang Xinyou Machinery Co., Ltd. is 83.3%. According to this calculation, how much should the false sales rate be in Xinjiang

during the BMW Shanghai Exhibition on November 29, 2012, an article entitled "the on-site construction of Sany 86m pump truck shines in Shanghai" appeared in the media, The article says: "Shanxi Hengtai Construction Industry Development Co., Ltd. has more than 120 Sany concrete equipment, including 37m, 66m and 72m pump trucks. It is worth mentioning that before the listing of Sany 66m and 72m pump trucks, which set the world record, the parties had different opinions. As the first customer to buy in Shanxi, Shanxi Hengtai construction industry became the first person to 'eat crabs'. Now after seeing the excellent performance of 86m pump truck on site, the company's board of directors Songjianrong, the chief secretary, decided to buy a Sany 86 meter pump truck on the spot, and became a "crab eater" again. "

however, the transactions of 66 meters, 72 meters, 86 meters and other "crabs" between Sany Heavy Industry and Shanxi Hengtai were completely false sales. The fact is that until the end of March 2013, the 66 meters pump truck "purchased" by Shanxi Hengtai in 2009 and the 72 meters pump truck eaten in the first half of 2012 were still the Hunan licenses of Sany Heavy Industry Office - Xiang a34233 and Xiang a57589, which were only stored in the north and South mixing stations of Shanxi Hengtai. The article said that Sany Heavy Industry sold the first 86 meter pump truck to Shanxi Hengtai, but after investigation, this 86 meter pump truck was not found. The guard of Shanxi Hengtai also said, "we have never seen this equipment."

in February 2012, Taiyuan rongjianxiang commercial concrete company under Shanxi Hengtai purchased 10 pump trucks from Sany Heavy Industry, but as of February 22, 2013, there were still 6 pump trucks that had not been delivered. The false sales of this purchase alone were more than 35million yuan

on February 22, 2013, in addition to one 66m pump truck and one 72m pump truck produced by Sany Heavy Industry, six new pump trucks (three 56m pump trucks, two 46m pump trucks and one 37m pump truck) and 120 new mixer trucks produced by Sany Heavy Industry were stored in Shanxi Hengtai intact

at the beginning of 2012, Taiyuan shuaifengpeng Concrete Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taiyuan shuaifengpeng") purchased a 46 meter pump truck from Sany Heavy Industry. In June of the same year, Sany Heavy Industry hung three pump trucks with a total amount of nearly 10million yuan under Chen Rong's name without the permission of the boss of Taiyuan shuaifengpeng company

Chen Rong, the boss of Taiyuan shuaifengpeng company, said: "at the end of June or early July 2012, the foundation construction and installation of Sany mixing station were carried out. Without going through any formalities, Sany Heavy industry drove three new pump trucks to the construction site. In order to complete the sales task, Sany salesperson urged me to sign the contract every day. I refused on the grounds that the pump truck was not needed during the installation of the mixing station, so I got into a deadlock with Sany Heavy Industry." "The three pump trucks of Sany Heavy Industry finally drove away after being put away by our company for three months." "The sales of the three pump trucks of Sany Heavy Industry have been calculated in advance."

on February 21st, 2013, because the mixing plant of Taiyuan shuaifengpeng company had not been started during the Spring Festival, all the pump trucks and mixing trucks were parked in the mixing plant. In the mixing plant of Taiyuan shuaifengpeng company, only the 46 meter pump truck of Sany Heavy Industry purchased in early 2012

was cleared up by Henan industry association due to fraud

before that, Sany's financial report was heavily questioned by the media, and was accused of exaggerating the performance and whitewashing the financial report by urgently adjusting the accounting policy skills of bad debt accrual and falsifying the accrual proportion of a large number of financial leases "receivables before the contract payment date". Among them, Sany claimed that the Brazilian plant has been put into operation and successfully produced, but the actual situation is that the land purchased in Brazil has major defects in geological structure, so far it has been unable to complete the construction. On the contrary, Sany's exports to Brazil are better than that without engineering

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