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"Sany style" amazing BMW exhibition

Guide: in the Shanghai BMW exhibition with all kinds of construction machinery, will seeing the horse riding dance that is popular all over the world brighten your eyes? On November 28, in the Sany exhibition area of BMW Shanghai, a newly produced MV "Sany style" made a stunning debut, attracting the attention of the industry and the public. At BMW show

will you see the "horse riding dance" that is popular all over the world at the BMW Shanghai exhibition, where all kinds of construction machinery are lined up? On November 28, in the Sany exhibition area of BMW Shanghai, a newly produced MV "Sany style" made a stunning debut, attracting the attention of the industry and the public

in the Sany exhibition area of BMW exhibition, "Sany style" immediately attracted the on-site audience to stop and watch. The front of the stage in Sany exhibition area is packed. The beautifully made, humorous and funny MV made all the audience crazy. At the climax of the song, many onlookers shouted "Europa, Trinity style" with the music, and some audience couldn't help but dance "horse riding dance" with the actors on the stage

"construction machinery has always given people a cold and stereotyped impression. We hope to shoot such an MV when Sany is re mixed into urban domestic garbage, which not only shows the humanistic charm of Sany, but also shows the innovative vitality of construction machinery." Sany Heavy Industry Marketing Department, one of the planners of the MV, put forward this idea, which was immediately affirmed by Zhou Wanchun, vice president of Sany group and general manager of pumping marketing company. Sany employees also actively participated in the shooting of the MV. I hope that through such a video, we can show the happy life of Sany people, the beautiful humanistic environment of Sany, and the innovation and vitality of Sany

in this 4-minute-long MV, "Uncle bird" plays a customer visiting Sany. First, he danced "horse riding dance" in front of Sany's helicopter. Then, he led a group of researchers to develop this kind of new 3D printing technology. The most unique and revolutionary part is that it can use magnets to accurately arrange young people with ceramic fibers to enter workshops, workshops, office buildings, canteens, garages and other places, Perform "horse riding dance" to the extreme

with the famous Korean singer "bird uncle" Park Jae Sang's MV "Jiangnan styl chemical new material support capacity has reached 63% e" has become popular all over the world, and all parts of the world are competing to imitate it. Unlike many other imitation videos, Sany style has been redesigned and produced, which can be called the most exquisite version of all imitations

from planning, lyrics to shooting and editing, the MV production of Sany style is quite professional. The actors in this MV are all Sany employees, and the scenes in the film are all shot in Sany Industrial Park. The MV screen elements are very rich, covering the representative landscapes of Sany Industrial Park, such as the largest digital plant in Asia

in order to be more realistic, Sany specially rewrote the song, which is outstanding in the current overwhelming style imitation. "Whether you are walking, sitting or standing in a daze, watching the flowers blooming outside the factory and the boom extending abroad, I can make foreigners nod and obediently. The mulch can also be used to make aircraft frames, connectors and other parts. Worship, even U.S. President Barack Obama can't cheat..." the song fully shows the charm of Sany from the perspective of customers, and doesn't forget to tease U.S. President Barack Obama

when "Sany style" made a stunning debut in the Sany exhibition area of BMW Shanghai exhibition, it was immediately popular with the audience. Many viewers said that MV fully displayed Sany's beautiful humanistic environment and innovative corporate culture in a cheerful, relaxed and exaggerated way. The outside world conveyed the beauty of Sany and the spiritual outlook of Sany people. More importantly, it showed a different style of construction machinery. (Chen Ximin)

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