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On April 21, 2017, Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., Ltd. held a grand launch conference of CC link ie field basic and FA related new products in Shanghai, and released a series of products that cater to future trends, from network to controller, servo, frequency converter, and industrial robot. This means that the CC link ie field basic network released in 2016 has officially been supported by adaptive products

for Mitsubishi Electric Automation, the release of CC link ie field basic network adaptation products has further improved the product layout and enhanced the competitiveness of its products- F@ctory The promotion of and the optimization of comprehensive solutions, as well as the overall sales expansion strategy, are of great significance. Taking the opportunity of this press conference, Zhonghua industrial control and the head of the business strategic planning department of Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., Ltd. shuiya chatted

head of the business strategic planning department of Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., Ltd.

meet the future trend from cost to value

Mitsubishi Electric currently promotes the concept of tvoe (to develop green buildings will have important economic and social significance), which is based on the original tcoe (total cost of ownership Engineering) to reduce the comprehensive cost of customers, How to provide more added value for customers, mizuya explained

it is understood that in his opinion, the goal of Mitsubishi Electric is to help customers improve their manufacturing level, reduce comprehensive costs, and obtain greater added value, so as to enhance their competitiveness in their respective fields. The release of CC link ie field basic network and related new products is a concrete embodiment of Mitsubishi Electric's meeting the future trend and bringing value to customers

our previous sales model was mainly in the form of FA single product sales, but if we focus on the single product sales model, the value we bring to customers is still limited. Mizuya said that in the future, Mitsubishi Electric hopes to build on our main e- F@ctory Concept to provide customers with an overall value scheme

in fact, in the process of promoting intelligent manufacturing, with the development of IOT, traditional low-end devices and small devices that were previously excluded due to development costs and other reasons also began to have a demand for IOT. However, compared with the high-speed network, these customers pay more attention to the cost and convenience of connection. Therefore, CC link ie field basic came into being, which can help users build networks more easily while ensuring compatibility with CC link ie. In other words, CC link ie field basic is suitable for small-scale systems that do not have too high requirements for network speed. Communication compatibility can be achieved only through software development. It is easier to realize the network side accuracy of control equipment to 7kg, and meet the more diversified and flexible connection needs of customers. At the same time, due to the use of standard Ethernet technology, it can exist at the same time with tcp/ip communication, so it is easier to import e-mail, which is mainly pushed by Mitsubishi Electric- F@ctory Solutions to improve customer productivity

newly released CC link ie field basic related product demonstration

Mitsubishi Electric's CC link ie field basic related products released this time include PLC, HMI and remote i/o, mr-je-c servo amplifier, fr-a800-e/f800-e frequency converter, new tension controller legu, Melfa FR series industrial robots, etc. Since then, Mitsubishi Electric's PLC and other control products with Ethernet, including iq-r, Q, l, iq-f, will also support CC link ie field basic protocol. With the Ethernet connection of PLC, multiple servo/frequency converters can be controlled through CC link ie field basic network, which saves the development cost and can be described as a dozen

help automation systems integrate IT technology

at present, the trend of connecting industrial automation systems with control systems that integrate IT technology is more and more obvious, and E- F@ctory The integration plan can be said to be a successful practice of this trend. Shui Yiya pointed out that in the process of integrating IT technology into automation systems, with the implementation of China's air pollution prevention and control action plan, there are many problems that need to be solved urgently

in this regard, Mitsubishi Electric relies on its deep software, hardware, network technology capabilities and years of e- F@ctory The practical experience of the scheme provides a series of help for customers

for example, for these Chinese users who do not have clear goals, Mitsubishi Electric will carefully listen to the needs of customers, dig from them, clarify the future development direction, and use the technology accumulated in Japan to help enterprises achieve improvement goals. For these customers, we will invite members of the expert team of Japanese production technology to conduct an in-depth consultation for customers, put forward proposals for business improvement, and finally make a systematic proposal for the overall situation. Shui Yizai said. In addition, due to the diverse needs of customers, Mitsubishi Electric will develop related products, such as application function packs, to make customers' applications easier. At the same time, we cooperate with partners including system integrators to provide solutions for customers

set goals and continue to explore key industries

China is the most important overseas market for Mitsubishi Electric, and the actual performance of the Chinese market in 2016 has really surprised Mitsubishi Electric. Shui Yiya revealed that the sales volume of the Chinese market in 2016 increased by about 30%, which exceeded our expectations

in 2017, Mitsubishi Electric set a growth target of 20% in China. Of course, setting such a goal is not groundless. Under the current fierce market competition, mizuhisa said that in order to achieve this year's growth target, Mitsubishi Electric continued to adhere to E- F@ctory The provision of overall solutions, while increasing cooperation with agents, improve the enthusiasm of agents, work together with agents to expand sales

in addition, we should strengthen the mining of key industries and make a comprehensive layout of industries with potential and equipment investment needs. Mitsubishi Electric has been focusing on industries including electronic manufacturing, new energy, food packaging, logistics, medical treatment, etc

Shui Yizai believes that the education and training of new products are also indispensable. Mitsubishi Electric will invite Japanese technicians involved in product development to China every year to train Mitsubishi Electric's internal engineers; Key technical personnel from China will also be sent to Japan for a period of 3 months to 1 year; And held a global technical exchange meeting to share the successful cases of Mitsubishi Electric's global users. While improving the technology and service level of Mitsubishi Electric, we should strengthen the improvement of the technical ability of agents, and carry out technical exchanges and training for customers, so that customers can quickly understand the use of new products, and give customers more powerful support

just two days before the interview, on April 19, in Diaoyutai, Beijing, nearly 100 experts and media witnessed the moment when CC link ie officially became the recommended national standard for China's industrial communication network. As a new member of CC link ie protocol, CC link ie field basic now has a full range of FA adaptive products, which is an important addition to Mitsubishi Electric Automation's future blueprint to become a leader in the FA industry. As mizuhiya said at the product launch, Mitsubishi Electric will continue to promote the strengthening of CC link and related technologies as well as E- F@ctory Solutions, make unremitting efforts towards the goal of becoming No.1 in China's FA market, and make contributions to the realization of made in China 2025

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