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Recently, Nanjing minggaoxin, a joint dealer of Taiwan 404 (moxa) Technology Co., Ltd., held a "2005 moxa new products and Solutions Seminar - Hefei field" in Hefei, which is known as the "hometown of the three countries", for the first time

with the successful holding of the seminar on products with metallic and non-metallic materials for new samples in the first half of the year, moxa kept improving and put its marketing center in secondary cities in the second half of the year. Hefei is the capital of Anhui Province, the political, economic and cultural center of the province, and an important industrial base. At the same time, it is also the closest point between the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River, Since ancient times, there have been "Huai right Lapel throat, Jiangnan lips and teeth" "Moxa has always been a battleground for strategists. Moxa chose this undeveloped fertile land with the help of its own strong strength, high-quality products and high-quality after-sales service. The results show that the marketing strategy of MOX with little smoke and non-toxic a during combustion is completely correct.

Hefei customers' enthusiasm for moxa is far more than expected. The venue originally scheduled for 50 people was already full, with more than 80 guests present, It involves education, power, transportation, telecommunications, factory automation, finance and other industries. Mr. Wu Chang, general manager of Nanjing Minggao, made a brief speech at the beginning of the new product seminar, indicating that Nanjing Minggao is willing to work with moxa to provide perfect products and solutions for the application of serial communication and industrial Ethernet in various industrial control sites

this new product seminar attracted scientific research and education institutions from University of science and technology, Hefei University of technology and so on. They are interested in the new products of moxa in 2005, especially the industrial Ethernet switch product EDS 726. EDS 726 is a Gigabit manageable redundant switch with effective network monitoring and fault prediction capabilities. The embedded CF card can shorten the downtime caused by replacing poor equipment. Some customers also want to know more about moxa's intelligent communication server UC product. This product has optional PCMCIA, CF card and wireless local area expansion, which is very suitable for harsh industrial environment. Further improve the market competitiveness

taking a comprehensive view of the whole seminar, the time is compact, the market is deep, the technology and practicality are combined, and the order is well. In the communication with the customers, we can clearly feel that they are full of hope and enthusiasm for moxa. This is inseparable from the core values of moxa, "honesty and integrity, mutual respect, customer-oriented, and thorough implementation". Under the warm questions and interactions on the spot, The symposium jointly organized by 404 Technology (moxa) and Nanjing Minggao came to a successful conclusion

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