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The implementation of the new national standard for moon cakes in China on June 1 has added new content to the highly concerned mandatory standard for moon cakes. The previous regulation that "the empty space of a single package should not exceed 35% of the total volume of a single package" will be cancelled, and the "sales package volume per kilogram of moon cake should not exceed 9.00" × 103 cubic centimeters "

the peak of moon cake production has arrived, and the mandatory national standard of moon cake, which will be implemented on June 1, has been adjusted on the original basis in time. On September 7, it was learned from the standard promotion department of the industry development department of the China Federation of commerce that the standard issued on September 2, 2005 stipulates that "the empty space of single grain packaging should be covered with plastic film, which should not exceed 35% of the total volume of a single grain that is the same as that of the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact this time; the average distance between a single grain packaging and the inner wall of the outer box packaging and a single grain packaging should not exceed 2. 5cm", said Zhou Zhengmao, Secretary General of the China flame retardant society, The new standard is revised as: "the sales package volume of each kilogram of moon cake should not exceed 9.00 × 103 cubic centimeters, and the packaging material should meet the requirements of environmental protection and food hygiene. "

the relevant person in charge of the Standards Department of the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision said, "the revised standards are more scientific, progressiveness and operable. It is easier for moon cake manufacturers to grasp."

and the special graphene conductive paste developed for lithium battery electrode materials. For the previous situation that moon cake manufacturers placed cameras, gold and silver jewelry, etc. in the moon cake box for sale, the person in charge said that this situation should be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the food label standards. The packaging label should not be marked as "moon cake", but should be the object of value subject

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