The hottest new nano glass ceramics composite pipe

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A new nano-sized glass-ceramic composite pipe came out

it was learned from the science and Technology Department of Inner Mongolia autonomous region that Inner Mongolia University of science and technology developed and produced 500 tons of nano-sized glass-ceramic composite pipe with glass ceramics and metal properties using Bayan Obo tailings, steel slag, iron slag, fly ash and other solid wastes. This new material has not been reported at home and abroad at present, and the relevant national departments publicized this material as a national standard in early December

Bayan Obo mine is a polymetallic symbiotic iron ore characterized by rare earth and a wide variety of experimental attachments. Baotou steel produces 7million tons of tailings every year, and discharges more than 4 million tons of steel slag and iron slag every year, which contains a certain amount of rare earth, niobium, iron and other metal elements. Professor Li Baowei of Inner Mongolia University of science and technology has led the research group to set up a laboratory for the comprehensive utilization of polymetallic resources in Bayan Obo mine in Inner Mongolia since 2004 to study Bayan Obo tailings and fly ash. They understand the process of chemical industry and other solid wastes to prepare high-performance glass ceramics. Through research, it is found that the iron, niobium, rare earth and fluorite remaining in Bayan Obo tailings, steel slag and iron slag can be used as a composite nucleating agent, complementary to silicon, calcium and aluminum in fly ash, and meet the requirements of Langsheng plastic products used in basic release key test cylinder of glass ceramics, such as engines and door structures

since 2009, the research group has used the melting centrifugal casting method to prepare glass ceramics, carried out research on the process control of nano grains of glass ceramics, designed formulas and carried out experiments. A complete set of equipment suitable for the production of glass-ceramic pipes has been developed, the forming process of glass-ceramic pipes has been optimized, and a pilot production line of glass-ceramic pipes with a daily production capacity of 3000 kg has been built

tested by the national building materials testing center, the bending strength of this glass-ceramic pipe reaches 192 MPa (metal property), the acid resistance is greater than 99%, the alkali resistance is greater than 97%, the Mohs strength is close to that of diamond, reaching grade 9, the wear resistance is less than 0.04 g per square centimeter, and the bulk density is 3.2 g per cubic centimeter. Baotou Tianlong concrete company tried the pipe, and the service life of the pipe was increased by 3-4 times

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