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The new opportunities of construction machinery set off a war for comprehensive recovery

the downturn that lasted for several years, and the industry as a whole was constantly thinking, precipitating and summarizing, which was the key to low-level operation. "Yan zengxu, Secretary General of China instrumentation industry association, said that the factor was that the market was laid too large before, and the competitive pressure among enterprises increased sharply after the infrastructure boom, which was not difficult to imagine the result. In 2017, with the in-depth implementation of a series of policies, the industry as a whole changed from domestic and foreign difficulties to two-tier flowering, which has a brilliant performance at home and abroad, and a new round of reshuffle has been officially launched. It is expected that the bull market in the industry will not change much in the coming years, and there is still sufficient market potential to reduce the content of impurities and water content as much as possible

the landing of new projects

it is mentioned in the government work report of this year's two sessions that we should actively expand effective investment and guide funds to invest more in areas that address weaknesses, adjust structure, promote innovation and benefit people's livelihood. This year, we will complete 800 billion yuan of investment in railway construction, 1.8 trillion yuan of investment in road and water transportation, start another 15 major water conservancy projects, and continue to strengthen the construction of major projects such as rail transit, civil aviation, and telecommunications infrastructure. The central budget allocated 507.6 billion yuan for investment. Implement and improve policies and measures to promote private investment

Otherwise, the fixture will be damaged

Infrastructure investment accelerated, and PPP and the "the Belt and Road" made concerted efforts at home and abroad. The growth rate of national fixed asset investment in 2016 was 8.1%. According to the 2017 draft national economic and social development plan, it is expected to grow by about 9% in 2017. Recently, local governments have intensively announced the growth target of fixed assets. The total scale of fixed asset investment target of 24 provinces and regions in 2017 is nearly 50 trillion yuan, and the target growth rate is 12196 PVC door and window sliding bracing 4%。 In addition, PPP, in particular, has further promoted the acceleration of infrastructure. As of December 2016, a total of 11260 PPP projects have been put into storage, with a total investment of 13.5 trillion yuan, and the project landing rate of 31.6%. Xiao Jie, Minister of finance, said in an interview during the two sessions a few days ago that by the end of last year, 1351 projects had been signed and implemented, with a total investment of 2.2 trillion yuan, and the project implementation rate has exceeded 30%. Compared with the beginning of the year, both the number of projects and the scale of investment have increased by more than four times

follow the trend and seek development

the fundamentals of China's long-term economic development have not changed, the basic characteristics of good economic toughness, sufficient potential and large room for maneuver have not changed, the good supporting foundation and conditions for sustained economic growth have not changed, and the prospects for economic structural adjustment and optimization have not changed. The supply side structural reform and fiscal and tax system reform vigorously implemented by the state, the development of the new models of "mass entrepreneurship, mass innovation" and "interconnection +", the in-depth promotion of "made in China 2025" and the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" initiative have brought opportunities for the recovery and development of the construction machinery industry

from the perspective of the domestic market, the three-year action plan for the construction of major transportation infrastructure projects clearly stipulates that the construction of major national transportation infrastructure projects will be promoted from 2016 to 2018, and investment opportunities for railway, highway, airport, urban rail transit and other projects with a total investment of about 4.7 trillion Yuan continue to emerge

from the international market, with the continuous promotion of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, based on the reality that the original infrastructure of 65 countries along the silk road is relatively weak, relying on the economic corridor, taking the construction of transportation infrastructure as a breakthrough, and with the cooperation and support of the Asian infrastructure investment bank, the silk road foundation and other related funds, countries along the silk road will set off a round of infrastructure construction boom

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