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New NC cutting concept and technical method

guiding ideology: under the condition that the structure, hardware configuration and manufacturing level of NC cutting machine are roughly the same or similar, the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of NC cutting machine will be mainly determined by NC cutting software, especially by the optimization nesting programming software and the cutting control software in NC system. Therefore, users should attach great importance to the selection and matching of NC cutting software when purchasing NC cutting machines. The following takes FastCAM nesting software and FastCAM NC system as examples to briefly introduce the new digital cutting concepts and technical methods that can effectively improve cutting efficiency and cutting quality and effectively save steel and consumables, so as to realize full-time cutting, automatic cutting, efficient cutting, high-quality cutting and high nesting rate cutting of NC cutting machines

at present, CNC flame and plasma cutting machines have begun to be widely popularized in China's industrial enterprises, and the CNC cutting machines produced by domestic CNC cutting machine manufacturers are gradually becoming mature and stable in terms of machine tool design and manufacturing level. However, when the hardware structure and manufacturing level of CNC cutting machine are the same or similar, due to the lack of CNC cutting software technology, the CNC cutting machine generally has the problems of low cutting production efficiency and serious waste of steel and consumables in the use process, which are specifically reflected in the following aspects:

1 Instability of CNC system: when purchasing CNC cutting machine and selecting CNC system, users blindly pursue the high configuration of civil computer, choose windows system, high frequency CPU and large hard disk, and ignore the stability of Industrial CNC system. Due to the high power and high calorific value of high-frequency CPU and large hard disk, especially in summer, the internal heating of the CNC system is overheated, resulting in the failure of the CNC system and cutting machine to work normally, so we have to use industrial fans to cool the CNC system. In addition, high frequency CPUs must be equipped with fans, which are easy to wear and have limited service life, which is easy to cause damage to CPUs and mainboards, hard disk vibration, track damage and virus infection, which will cause instability of the CNC system and lead to stagnation of cutting production

2. No nesting software is used: when purchasing the NC cutting machine, the optimization nesting software is not purchased, but the CAD software and NC conversion software are used to draw drawings and NC cutting files, or the part library in the NC system is called to manually program the DXF or NC files on the NC system for nesting and local cutting, which makes the NC cutting machine idle waiting for programming nesting most of the time, greatly reducing the production efficiency of the NC cutting machine, At the same time, due to the local cutting of steel plate, a large number of leftover materials or residual steel are produced, resulting in serious waste of steel

3. Automatic cutting cannot be realized: there is no automatic cutting process and cutting parameter database on the NC system, and the cutting workers can only adjust and control the perforation process, cutting speed and corner acceleration and deceleration by hand based on experience and eye observation. Automatic perforation and automatic cutting cannot be achieved, and the production efficiency of the NC cutting machine cannot be effectively brought into play

4. Single piece cutting and thermal cutting deformation: that is, each part should be preheated and perforated and cut one by one without using efficient cutting methods such as common edge, borrowing edge, bridging and continuous cutting, which is not only prone to thermal cutting deformation, but also time-consuming consumables for flame preheating and perforation, low cutting efficiency, and serious loss and waste of plasma cutting nozzle

5. Cutting quality problems: serious cutting quality problems such as excessive burning of the cutting point of the part, scarring of the corner of the part, excessive inclination of the cutting surface, circular deformation or non closure when cutting circular parts, serious errors in cutting large-size parts, and non closure of cutting deformation

next, we introduce the brand-new NC cutting concept and technical method. Through the NC cutting software technology, we can realize the "full-time cutting, automatic cutting, efficient cutting, high-quality cutting and high nesting rate cutting" of the NC cutting machine

full time cutting:

traditional cutting method: use CAD drawing software and NC conversion software to draw DXF part drawings and convert them into NC files, and then carry out manual nesting programming on the NC system, or call the parts in the NC system part library to carry out nesting programming on the NC system, so that the NC cutting machine is idle waiting for the NC system for nesting programming for most of the time (more than 50%), CNC cutting machine can not cut all the time, and the cutting efficiency is greatly reduced (more than 50%)

full time cutting mode: FastCAM company advocates and promotes full-time cutting production mode. Use FastCAM optimized nesting programming software on the computer to complete the nesting of the whole board, nesting of the residual board and nesting programming of efficient cutting. The CNC cutter only accepts the CNC cutting program provided by the nesting software, so that the CNC cutter can be used for cutting all the time. Change the traditional cutting production mode of programming nesting on the NC system, making the NC cutting machine idle and waiting for programming nesting, and effectively improve the cutting efficiency of the NC cutting machine

economic benefits: the biggest economic benefit brought by "full-time cutting" to enterprises is to improve the production efficiency of CNC cutting machines, so that the cutting production capacity of one CNC cutting machine, which should have changed the oil and cleaned the gear rods, gears, pointers, and wire wheels of the force measuring part, can be improved into the cutting production capacity of two or even three CNC cutting machines

Figure 1: the whole plate nesting realizes full-time cutting Figure 2: the residual plate nesting realizes full-time cutting

automatic cutting:

traditional cutting method: relying on the cutting experience of cutting workers, through the close cooperation of hands and eyes, carry out manual operation, adjust and control the preheating, perforation, starting cutting, empty distance, normal cutting acceleration and deceleration and corner acceleration and deceleration of NC cutting process

practical problem: the enterprise cannot guarantee that every cutting worker has rich cutting experience and good operating skills, nor can it guarantee that every cutting worker's working attitude and physical condition are always in the best or good state, so it is impossible to maintain or guarantee the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of the NC cutting machine. Only by writing rich cutting experience and cutting technology into the CNC system, workers use automatic cutting methods, and eliminate the interference of human factors, can we ensure the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of the CNC cutting machine

automatic cutting mode: FastCAM advocates and promotes automatic cutting production mode. FastCAM's fastcnc numerical control system, which is specially provided for flame and plasma numerical control cutting, provides users with a perfect automatic perforation and automatic cutting process. By calling the plate cutting parameter library and automatic cutting logic, and using the automatic cutting function key, automatic cutting is realized, including automatic perforation, automatic acceleration and deceleration of space and cutting speed, as well as automatic acceleration and deceleration of corner and arc cutting. The biggest advantage of automatic cutting method is to integrate the perfect cutting process and rich cutting experience into the NC system, which can effectively make up for the inexperience of cutting workers and the fluctuation of physical strength and emotion, and can effectively improve and permanently ensure the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of the NC cutting machine

Figure 3: automatic cutting process database Figure 4: automatic cutting plate parameter database

it is particularly worth pointing out that it is possible to resolve the risks caused by the hard constraints of resources: the flame thick plate perforation technology is difficult, and the cutting process is complex. Fastcnc numerical control system provides an ingenious logic database for automatic perforation and cutting of flame thick plate and automatic intelligent judgment function of open and blind holes, which enables automatic perforation of flame thick plate, automatic judgment of open and blind holes, and edge cutting, effectively reducing and avoiding the number of perforation of flame thick plate

efficient cutting:

traditional cutting methods: whether flame cutting or plasma cutting, the main reason for the low cutting efficiency is that each part should be preheated. Figure 1 flame retardant PP and flame retardant ABS have a tortuous strength retention rate after aging. Compared with perforation, they should be cut one by one. Flame cutting pre heating perforation takes time, consumables, cutting efficiency is low, and plasma cutting nozzle loss and waste is serious

efficient cutting mode: FastCAM advocates and promotes efficient cutting production mode. FastCAM optimized nesting software provides programming methods for efficient cutting methods such as common edge, continuous cutting, edge borrowing, bridging, etc. on the basis of whole board nesting and residual board nesting, which effectively reduces preheating perforation, reduces repeated cutting, and prevents thermal cutting deformation, so as to effectively improve cutting efficiency and save steel and consumables, especially plasma consumables

at the same time, fastcnc numerical control system provides part nesting graphics library and automatic judgment and edge borrowing cutting functions of open and blind holes for efficient cutting, saves drawing and programming nesting time, realizes part nesting and common edge and continuous cutting of the whole plate, effectively reduces preheating perforation, changes the traditional cutting method of part by part cutting and perforation of each part, and effectively improves the cutting efficiency

Figure 5: flame efficient cutting, the whole plate only pierces twice Figure 6: plasma efficient cutting, the whole plate only pierces three times

Figure 7: parts nesting and continuous cutting graphics library

figure 8: wireless remote control

economic benefits: the efficient cutting production method can reduce the number of perforations by 70 ~ 80%, and save 50% of cutting nozzles and consumables every year

wireless remote control technology directly improves the production efficiency of NC cutting

fastcnc numerical control system provides a unique and convenient wireless remote control, which effectively improves the operation efficiency of steel plate correction, starting point positioning, cutting nozzle replacement, cutting and corner acceleration and deceleration, and avoids the operator running back and forth between the steel plate, cutting gun and NC system. One person can easily control the operation of the cutting machine. Compared with the touch screen technology, the touch screen technology is to improve or replace the keyboard operation, but it is still limited to the numerical control system. The wireless remote control technology not only improves and replaces the keyboard operation, but also gets rid of the limitations of the numerical control system and operates directly on the cutting machine and steel materials, effectively improving the operation efficiency of the cutting processes such as steel plate correction, positioning and perforation of the starting point, cutting acceleration and deceleration, and replacing the cutting nozzle, Avoid workers running back and forth, and effectively improve the cutting efficiency

high quality cutting:

several common NC cutting quality problems:

1 After the CNC cutting machine is used for a period of time, the gear rack wear produces reverse clearance, which leads to the non closure of cutting parts and the up and down shaking of the machine tool, which seriously affects the cutting quality and the service life of the machine tool

2. There are many cutting quality problems in plasma cutting, such as corner overburning and arc cutting surface tilting too much

3. In plasma cutting, there is a common quality problem of burn scar at the cutting point, especially in the cutting of stainless steel, because the burn scar is difficult to repair, resulting in processing difficulties and steel waste

4. When cutting large-size parts, cutting errors occur, resulting in parts cutting is not closed, resulting in scrap. Or when cutting parts composed of a large number of small solids, there are quality problems such as up and down shaking, non closure, deformation of the CNC cutting machine, resulting in reduced cutting quality and shortened machine life

5. When cutting circular parts or arc-shaped parts, the cutting of CNC cutting machine is not closed, or the circle or arc is seriously deformed

high quality cutting process:

fastcnc CNC system provides a perfect cutting process to ensure high-quality cutting of CNC cutting machine

1. Provide the gear rack clearance automatic compensation cutting process, effectively solve the cutting quality problem of reverse clearance, and extend the service life of the cutting machine

2. Provide settings for automatic acceleration and deceleration of corners and arcs under different plate thicknesses and different cutting methods

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