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Cause analysis of mine ventilation safety accidents

many accidents, even major accidents, are caused by imperfect ventilation system and disordered ventilation management in coal mines. The cover of the previous car is a lesson for the latter. Coal mining enterprises should sum up experience and lessons, analyze the causes of accidents in detail, and take targeted measures to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents

first, local ventilation management is chaotic. The direct cause of the accident in Beijing xiaobeitong coal mine on December 17, 2003 was the unreasonable local ventilation. Three positive pressure fans were installed in series in the coal roadway with a single head of 170 meters, and the serial connection method was incorrect. There was no sealing device between the serial fan and the air duct outlet, and no negative pressure fan was installed. The working face produced circulating air, which could not disperse and exhaust the harmful gas in time and effectively, resulting in the accumulation of harmful gas in the goaf and roadway, When the roof and top coal of the goaf fell, harmful gas suddenly gushed out, causing four workers to suffocate and die of poisoning

II. Blind lane management is not in place. More and more suppliers choose PPS resin for automotive power systems and sensors. In the 3-year 6.19 accident of Ruixiang coal mine in Tangshang, Beijing, because Ruixiang coal mine did not effectively close the blind lane with the enterprise according to the regulations, a worker entered the closed blind lane against the regulations, causing him to suffocate and die. On June 28, 2006, Wulong Coal Mine in Fuxin, Liaoning Province had a particularly serious gas explosion accident. The direct cause of the accident was that the blind lane at the tail of the belt conveyor in the 332 mining area was poorly sealed and not repaired in time. The gas in the seal seeped out, and its concentration reached the explosion limit

III. The ventilation system is imperfect. On April 29, 2006, a particularly serious gas explosion accident occurred in the coal mine in Wayaobao Town, Zichang County, Yan'an, Shaanxi Province. The direct cause of the accident was the chaos of the mine ventilation system, the serious lack of air volume in the auxiliary shaft system, and the long-term breeze or no wind state of the mining face, which led to the accumulation of gas in No. 3 face and reached the explosion limit. On November 25th, 2006, Changyuan coal mine in Housuo Town, Fuyuan County, Qujing, Yunnan Province, suffered a particularly serious gas explosion accident. The direct cause of the accident was the unreasonable ventilation system of the mine, which made the mine's expensive teaching aids unable to reflect its due value. The shaft leakage was serious, and the gas emitted after blasting and the gas overflowed from the tunneling operation point caused the gas to accumulate, reaching the limit of explosion concentration

IV. unreliable ventilation facilities. In 2000, Yongdingzhuang coal mine of Shanxi Datong Coal Mine Group Co., Ltd. had a particularly serious gas explosion accident on September 5. The cause of the accident was that the air bridge of 21410 Lane in panel 414 was damaged, the inlet and return air flow was short circuited, the working face was operated in a breeze, and local fans pumped circulating air, resulting in the accumulation of gas in the excavation head. In 2000, our customers in the east of Shuangyashan Mining Bureau in Heilongjiang Province were the first choice for safety. We defended the 9.1 catastrophic gas explosion accident in the coal mine. The direct cause of the accident was that after the 201 and 204 working faces were connected, the ventilation facilities for the return air up the mountain were unreliable and seriously leaked, resulting in the working face being in a breeze state, resulting in gas accumulation

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