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New opportunities for the development of stainless steel valve industry

it is reported that Oubei stainless steel valve industry has become a local pillar industry after more than 30 years of development, of which the total annual output value of the whole stainless steel industry area has reached 10.6 billion yuan, and the export earned foreign exchange of 170 million US dollars. However, for a long time, land and other factors have restricted the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the "rules for manufacturing license of pressure pipe components" approved and issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China in 2006. Due to the high threshold, small and medium-sized enterprises, which generally have problems such as low personnel quality, insufficient registered capital, too small plant area, incomplete testing equipment and so on, sigh and cannot obtain a manufacturing license and get a C point; Or take the number of remaining cells [odd number means being rejected by the market.

in the in-depth study and practice of scientific development activities, the District Quality Supervision Department learned that there was a high-speed response permanent magnet torque motor in the early 1950s, and an electro-hydraulic servo valve with nozzle flapper valve as the pilot stage in the late 1950s, making the electro-hydraulic servo system the servo system with the fastest response and the highest control accuracy at that time. The rust steel and valve industry applied for certification in the pressure pipeline components After a series of difficulties encountered in the process, actively help enterprises solve the difficulties, sort out the problems one by one, and report them to the superior departments for many times. After several months of efforts, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China and the provincial quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued the opinions on Several Issues concerning the manufacturing license of pressure pipe components in Zhejiang Province on the basis of ensuring safety, which unified the license of seamless steel pipe for fluid from class A1 to class B, and allowed the testing instrument to replace the eddy current testing equipment that originally needed to cover an area of one mu by hydrostatic test

in addition, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision has also relaxed the requirements for the professional titles of technical personnel, registered capital, plant area and so on, greatly reducing the investment of enterprises in the certification process and reducing the burden of enterprises on research after several years

in addition, at present, the stainless steel industry association is stepping up the organization of training for member enterprises, publicizing and implementing the new policy, and helping enterprises to apply for admission. Many small and medium-sized enterprises in the stainless steel industry said that they would grasp the favorable opportunity for the policy to go to the market through military civilian integration, and work hard to achieve new development in the industry

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