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The new normal new development fluid machinery exhibition will show the level of contemporary Chinese equipment

the "2016 8th China (Shanghai) International Fluid Machinery Exhibition (IFME)" (hereinafter referred to as "fluid machinery exhibition") hosted by the China General Machinery Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "China General Machinery Association") will be held in Shanghai from November 10 to 12, 2016. The goal of this exhibition is to create a "2016 8th China (Shanghai) International Fluid Machinery Exhibition (IFME)" (hereinafter referred to as "fluid machinery exhibition") hosted by the China General Machinery Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "China General Machinery Association") with "new normal, new development", which will be held in Shanghai from November 10 to 12, 2016. The goal of this exhibition is to create an international first-class industry event with the theme of "new normal, new development"

fluid machinery exhibition was initiated by China Communications Association in 2001, and has been held for seven times in Beijing and Shanghai. "After the cultivation and development of previous sessions, the exhibition has been settled in Shanghai and designated as a biennial exhibition. Now it has become a professional exhibition in the fluid machinery industry with large scale, strong specialization, high level and good effect." Zhang Yubao, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Communications Association, made such comments in an interview with China industry news a few days ago

Zhang Yubao frankly said that although the exhibition area of 30000 square meters is not the largest among many mechanical exhibitions and some tensile testing machine enterprises that have set up after-sales service outlets overseas, this fluid machinery exhibition is the highest level in the international and domestic fluid machinery industry, which can be called "a collection of elites and boutiques". The products and technologies on display are highly professional and have always been the wind vane for the development of the industry

the exhibition highlights the characteristics of the times

according to Zhang Yubao, this exhibition continues the purpose of previous exhibitions, and is divided into the exhibition plates of valves, pumps, fans, compressors and air separation equipment. On the basis of this, a professional area for scientific and technological achievements of colleges and universities and scientific research institutions has been added to promote the exchange and cooperation of "industry, University, research and application" and the transfer of achievements at the exhibition site

this exhibition will present several features: first, it will focus on displaying major technical equipment

the innovative development achievements of domestic and foreign fluid machinery manufacturing industry in the past two years, including products and technological achievements applied to major technical equipment: fluid machinery and key supporting equipment in oil refining, petrochemical and coal chemical complete plants from the gathering and liquefaction of oil and natural gas; Key equipment and main supporting equipment from coal-fired power stations to nuclear power stations; How to select the fluid machinery and key supporting equipment required by conventional electronic universal material testing machines and materials, cement, etc. in metallurgy, mining and construction reflects the technological progress and application development of major technical equipment of fluid machinery in recent years

secondly, focus on the display of specialized products and enterprises. In recent years, with the backward mechanism of market demand and the reality of overcapacity, products in some fields not only need to tackle key research and development, but also have higher requirements for level and quality, which forces enterprises to really calm down, not blindly seek to be bigger, strive to be better and stronger, and also have competitiveness and living space

in fact, not every enterprise in the world is a large group such as GE and Siemens, and it is more a specialized enterprise that has achieved the ultimate in some sub sectors. For example, in the United States and Europe, some enterprises are not big, maybe dozens of people, but they are world leaders, and even designated enterprises of arms suppliers. Such enterprises also exist in China, especially in the field of pumps and valves, which also meets the requirements of creating individual champions proposed by the Ministry of industry and information technology. In recent years, many fluid machinery manufacturing enterprises have also done their homework in creating high-quality products

next, focus on manufacturing + service, manufacturing + interconnection. This year is the opening year of the 13th five year plan. The 8th fluid machinery exhibition is the first exhibition of the exhibition since China entered the 13th five year plan. It is also the first exhibition since China's economy entered the new normal. It will focus on the achievements of the transformation and upgrading of the fluid machinery manufacturing industry. "Manufacturing service industry" and "intelligent manufacturing industry" have increasingly become the core forces of China's industrial structure supply side reform and industrial reform

finally, the service concept of "large quantity and wide range" products will be displayed intensively. Change the previous business model and concept, and make such products with the "mode of making consumer goods". For the products with strong versatility, large quantity and wide range, the most important thing is to refine the products, do a good job in the services, and create a good brand. For example, if a customer wants to buy a simple small single-stage clean water pump, it is impossible for him to go to an enterprise for investigation and research like buying a major technical equipment. Instead, he can buy it from whoever has a good brand and good reputation in the market

transformation also needs to "create a market"

after entering the 21st century and the impact resistance has been improved by 10% ⑵ from 0% to 2013, the growth rate of general machinery industry has remained in double digits, even between 25% and 30% for 5 or 6 consecutive years. But by 2014, the growth rate of the industry had fallen to single digits; In 2015, industrial economic indicators showed negative growth

Zhang Yubao said, "On the one hand, with the whole national economy entering the 'new normal', the general machinery industry, like other industries, has experienced overcapacity, and user demand has entered a period of adjustment. On the other hand, after more than a decade of rapid growth, the volume of the industry has grown from tens of billions of yuan at the beginning to more than trillion yuan now. It is unrealistic to maintain the same high-speed growth as in the past under such a huge base." Yes. "

how will enterprises survive in the face of serious overcapacity? During the interview, Zhang Yubao particularly stressed that the reform of the supply side is not only to adjust the product structure, but also to reform and innovate in product sales. We should work hard on product innovation, value-added services or additional services to make users accept his products. That is, the so-called extended service, that is, "creating the market"

"no matter what products are made, in this era, we should actively innovate and develop the manufacturing service industry and do a good job in extended services." Zhang Yubao said that by vigorously developing the manufacturing service industry, enterprises will not only enhance their competitiveness, but also create markets. For example, enterprises that used to manufacture and sell air separation equipment are now directly selling gas and contracting major projects in BOT mode (financing, engineering, construction, operation, transfer); Other enterprises promote energy-saving products through energy contract management, leasing and other modes. Another is the development of system integration. For example, in order to bid for the oil pump of an oil pipeline, a dozen enterprises fought to the death. But why can't the whole system be directly integrated into the pump station? Isn't it more competitive

in addition, there are many modes of extending service, such as providing remote monitoring, innovating after-sales service mode, learning from Internet thinking, etc. He called on enterprises to actively innovate and develop the manufacturing service industry, which is a must

Zhang Yubao told China industry news that the general machinery industry once proposed "the new normal, who is still there?" This seems a very rustic formulation, but it contains a deep philosophy. Affected by the downward market demand, enterprises will be eliminated if they fall behind in transformation and upgrading, and fluid machinery exhibition is a wind vane for the development of the industry

"hundreds of boats compete for the current, thousands of sails compete, and those who take advantage of the sea to sail first". In today's innovation environment, the general machinery industry should have firm faith and responsibility, and the road is at its feet. It is expected that at the fluid machinery exhibition held in Shanghai in November, the general machinery enterprises for removing iron filings and dirt will have more excellent performances

it is reported that a variety of supporting activities will be held during the same period of the exhibition. On November 9, the "made in China 2025" compressor industry development annual meeting, 2016 large-scale air separation equipment technology development forum, the fifth national cooling equipment and Technology Forum and 2016 annual meeting, 2016 fourth China energy recovery technology and equipment forum and the seventh international compressor and fan Summit Forum will be held; On November 10, a series of activities will be held, such as the product docking meeting between petrochemical enterprises and pump manufacturers, the Fifth China International valve forum, 2016 China reducer Technology Forum, 2016 vacuum technology and equipment development annual meeting, and the launch ceremony of 2016 China general machinery industry yearbook

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