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New opportunities for intelligent manufacturing, Zhuoxin chuangchi e521 industrial computer has made great achievements

as the intelligent manufacturing policies of various countries around the world enter the deep-water area, such as industry 4.0, industrial interconnection, China made 2025 and other plans continue to blossom, the good news of the intelligent manufacturing industry has also continued to come. Coupled with the impact of the global epidemic in 2020, the entire manufacturing industry is limited by more and more human factors, More and more factors benefit from intelligence, and the increasing market demand has accelerated the intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry. As a key link of intelligent manufacturing, edge computing has become more and more valued

using edge computing can enable factory operators to perceive environmental risks in real time with the development trend of vehicle lightweight, monitor the production process in real time, display operation data in real time, reduce risks in the production process, improve production efficiency, and optimize manufacturing costs

Zhuoxin chuangchi e521 edge computing weapon

e521 high scalability fanless industrial computer adopts Intel 6/7/8/9 generation desktop CPU, with a 1 x VGA interface and 2 x DP interface, which can support dual 4K independent display. There are three Intel GBE LANs, including two Intel i211 at GBE LANs and one Intel i219 LM GBE LAN, which support TSN time sensitive network, and can meet the requirements of communication and data acquisition at the same time. There are six data serial ports, It includes 5 RS232 and 1 RS485, which can meet various serial communication requirements of industrial manufacturing site; A total of 8 USB interfaces, including 4 USB3.0 and 4 USB2.0 interfaces, can connect USB devices with Dobbs hardness expressed in hb[n (kgf/mm2)] (hbshbw) (refer to gb/t231-1984), which greatly enhances the scalability of the host. 1 x USIM can be used for 3g/4g LTE communication to realize convenient wireless network connection. 1 x msata interface supports most mainstream msata hard disks on the market, Up to three sata3.0 interfaces can realize disk array and easily realize mass storage. One pice3.0 x16, one pcie2.0 x2 and one full-size Mini PCIe interface are convenient to expand more external devices. The reinforced fanless structure design greatly improves the stability and service life of the device. E521 also comes with a wall mounting kit, which makes the installation of the device easier and more convenient

e521 application in intelligent manufacturing field

customers of Zhuoxin chuangchi can use IPC to help intelligent users quickly build an edge computing platform close to the data source of the factory IOT equipment, conduct real-time data collection and analysis, establish a virtual data model, timely perceive the risks and environmental changes in the production process, optimize the energy consumption demand of the equipment, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs. Factory users use sensors, industrial cameras and end-to-end IPC to collect local data, interact with data through the edge computing smart switch, and conduct real-time processing such as data filtering and cleaning in the edge IPC. At the same time, the edge computing platform runs on the TSN time sensitive network, ensuring the timeliness of data interaction. Users' factories can also try to use virtualization technology software modeling to realize industrial controller, and control the production line site through issuing instructions from the edge side platform

a typical example is that Zhuoxin chuangchi's customers customized a set of edge computing platform for a factory in Suzhou by using the combination of industrial cameras, end side data acquisition equipment, edge side computing equipment e521, etc. in order not to affect our experimental results and prolong the service life of the experimental equipment. After the industrial smart camera collected the field data, The data acquisition card with TSN time sensitive network function integrated by the end side data acquisition device transmits the data to the edge calculation switch in real time, and then transmits it to e521 for edge side data analysis and calculation, and returns the instructions to the field equipment for control and operation

relying on this set of edge computing platform, users of this factory can analyze the results of data in real time according to edge computing, so that the manufacturing process can make corresponding changes faster, such as automatic power failure before the machine overheats, more reasonable allocation of machines and pretreatment of welding quality, which greatly reduces the hidden dangers and manufacturing costs in the production process

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